MACC Costruzioni Meccaniche has been active on the market in supplying our customers with bandsaw blades since 2013, thanks to a good cooperation with our partners that  allow us to be quick and on time with deliveries.

We are ready to provide our customers with the technical support for the saw blades supply, to give advice on the type of blade required and its use with regards to the cutting and the materials being cut with our bandsaw machines.

All of this in order to offer our customers a complete service, the most suitable machine and suitable blades to work with.

Our supply offers also:
- Blades marking, upon request
- Choice for the rubber protection of the blade
- Maximum consistency and clarity on supply, on time delivery, technical support if needed.


  • M42 EFX                  
    Suitable for small/medium dimensions and simple materials
  • M42 COBRA 3851
    Suitable for universal use and for series cutting in the workshop
  • M42 SGLB
    Suitable for universal use and for series cutting; blade body reinforced for high quality performance.
  • M42 PFX                           
    Tooth special design for the cutting of profiles, beams and tubes, singular and bundle cut.
  •  M42 COBRA PSG 3851        
    Suitable for cutting high alloied and stainless, because of the rectified teeth, advised on obliques sawframe descent
  • M42 KING COBRA PQ 3854  
    Multichip set level tool, dividing the cutting section in multiple channels, suitable for hard materials and big sections.
  • M42 KING COBRA PHG 3854 
    Squared wedge rectified tooth and different set level hights for the cutting of hard materials 



  • CARBIDE Triple Set XTRA 3868                      
      • High performance on hard and abrasive materials
      • Suitable for cutting stainless materials and tools' steel. Triple Set tooth for a good chip evacuation
      • Blade  TSX divides the cutting section in three chips
      • Blade  TSS divides the cutting section in three chips, is run in, offering a full cutting parameters use
  •  CARBIDE Multichip THQ-THS 3881  
      • Studied for soecial alloys and problematic material
      • Set level HIGH-LOW
      • Design Multichip, drastically reducing the material cutting resistance and the blade blocking. Moreover the blade life is longer because of the multiple division of the cutting section
      • Reduction of the friction subsequently reduces the chance to breake the blade.
  • CARBIDE TCA 3860
      • unleveled blade for the cutting of aluminium
      • Specific for aluminium , even in blocks, for foundries
  • CARBIDE TCZ 3860
      • Special designed meeting the highest performance expectations with tempered material
      • Suitable up to 65 HRC