• CARBIDE Triple Set XTRA 3868
      • High performance on hard and abrasive materials
      • Suitable for cutting stainless materials and tools’ steel. Triple Set tooth for a good chip evacuation
      • Blade  TSX divides the cutting section in three chips
      • Blade  TSS divides the cutting section in three chips, is run in, offering a full cutting parameters use
  •  CARBIDE Multichip THQ-THS 3881
      • Studied for soecial alloys and problematic material
      • Set level HIGH-LOW
      • Design Multichip, drastically reducing the material cutting resistance and the blade blocking. Moreover the blade life is longer because of the multiple division of the cutting section
      • Reduction of the friction subsequently reduces the chance to breake the blade.
  • CARBIDE TCA 3860
      • unleveled blade for the cutting of aluminium
      • Specific for aluminium , even in blocks, for foundries
  • CARBIDE TCZ 3860
      • Special designed meeting the highest performance expectations with tempered material
      • Suitable up to 65 HRC